Gatehouse & Construction
Security Officers


Guarding your entrance

with unwavering diligence.

Some of the Key duties of Gatehouse Security Guards could be described as the following:

  • Gatehouse Security Control Room
  • Gatehouse Security Access Control
  • Gatehouse Security Weighbridge Duties
  • Gatehouse Security Inducting Site Visitors and Staff
  • Gatehouse Security Mobile Patrol
  • Gatehouse Security Foot Patrol
  • Gatehouse Security Guards Emergency Response
  • Security Traffic Control Officer
  • Hire Gatehouse Traffic Control and Security Officer
  • Distribution Centre Security Guards

With attention to detail and a keen eye, we keep your premises secure

Importance of Gatehouse Security Guards Gatehouse Security Control Room:

When you hire gatehouse security officers that are trained and licensed in the control room and monitoring; these security officers will help monitor all site CCTV cameras and the following:

  • Monitor all CCTV camera’s 24/7 or as agreed by the client
  • Review CCTV footage for incident management
  • Collect and store relevant snapshots


Keeping your site secure,

one watch at a time.

Construction sites are the most targeted sites by thieves, carrying machinery and tools worth thousands and millions of dollars, hence why having the right kind of protection is necessary.

Key benefits of hiring our Construction site security guards:

  1. Our construction site security officers conduct safety and environmental audits.
  2. Our construction security officers patrol for all trespassers and intruders.
  3. Our construction site security guards work with superior observation to prevent on-site theft and vandalism.
  4. Construction site security guards report health and safety-related complaints, including workplace accidents.
  5. Construction site security guards control all automobiles and visitors to the site.
  6. Our security officers list all vehicles and deliveries approaching the construction site.
  7. Our officers escort all special guests to the site office.
  8. Our construction site security officers write daily health or injury reports.
  9. Protect the construction entrance vigilantly during non-working hours.
  10. Security officers inspect exterior fencing to avoid any security breaches.
  11. Our officers provide emergency security coverage in case of any sudden break-in.